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  • new-driveline-rebuilds-repairs-assemblies-01

    New Driveline Assemblies

    59 images

    Custom driveline fabrication and new assemblies built by WDL.

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  • driveline-draftshaft-failures-repairs-29

    Driveline Failures

    54 images

    I wasn’t pushing – honest!

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  • driveline-replacements-and-repairs-nanaimo-01

    Old Meets New

    20 images

    Some before-and-after replacements, along with old-meets-new driveline couplings.

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  • western-driveline-vehicles-cars-trucks-repair-49

    Vehicles at the Shop

    47 images

    We snuck some photos of some of our clients’ vehicles while they were at the shop.

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  • western-driveline-fabrication-repair-nanaimo-17

    Driveline Parts

    41 images

    A collection of various driveline parts, from yokes to U-joints, flanges to shafts.

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  • photos-around-western-driveline-staff-shop-08

    Around the Shop

    43 images

    Shots of us working at Western Driveline Fabrication and Repair’s shop in south Nanaimo.

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  • western-driveline-coffee-sales-partnerships-19

    Other Partnerships

    46 images

    Western Driveline is a proud distributor of products including Code of Arms Coffee, Jocko Fuel, and Black Rifle Coffee Company Canada.

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