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Vancouver Island’s #1 Driveline Speciality Shop

Providing Nanaimo and Vancouver Island with driveline repairs, rebuilds, fabrication, balancing, part sales, and much more.

Family Owned & Operated

Western Driveline is owned and operated by Jarrod and Michelle Gould, a husband-and-wife team from Nanaimo, BC.

As Vancouver Island’s only driveline specialists, we’re proud to offer quick, honest, and reliable work. From repairs and rebuilds to custom fabrication, part sales, and more, we always stand behind our work.

And don’t worry if you can't tell a driveshaft from a doorknob, we welcome any and all customers and do our best educate while keeping things simple.

Complete Driveline Services & Sales

  • Driveshaft repairs & rebuilds Nanaimo

    Repairs & Rebuilds

    We repair, rebuild, and replace damaged driveshafts and driveline components, from simple u-joint replacement to more complex double-Cardan rebuilds. We work with all types of vehicles, including logging trucks, farm equipment, daily drivers, and everything in between.

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  • Driveshaft custom fabrication Nanaimo

    Custom Fabrication

    We fabricate custom drivelines from scratch right from our Nanaimo shop, with a 1-year warranty on all custom work. We work with hotrodders, off-roaders, and anyone who needs something built to spec.

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  • Driveshaft balancing Nanaimo


    Driveshaft balancing from PTO sizes up to the SPL250 used in heavy-duty commercial truck applications. All of our balancing work is done on top-of-the-line Hines Industries equipment.

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  • Driveshaft emergency service Nanaimo

    Emergency Service

    Vehicle downtime is a costly pain-in-the-you-know-what, whether it’s your daily driver or commercial transport that’s down. Our emergency breakdown service allows you to jump the queue when you need it most.

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  • Driveshaft part sales Nanaimo

    Part Sales

    If all you need are driveshaft or driveline parts, we do that too! We’re not a parts warehouse, but we stock a variety of common driveline parts – and with a short wait we can get nearly everything.

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Services We Do NOT Perform

We do a lot here at Western Driveline – but not everything. Here are some* things that we cannot help with.

  • Transaxle service or replacement

  • Differential service or replacement

  • Transmission service or replacement

  • Flywheel grinding

  • Roadside emergency repairs

*This isn’t an exhaustive list; please contact us if you’re uncertain we can help with your driveline project.

Located at #2-221 Southside Drive in Nanaimo, BC

Western Driveline is located in south Nanaimo, conveniently accessible from the Nanaimo Parkway (HWY #19) and the Trans-Canada Highway (HWY #1).

As Vancouver Island’s only driveline speciality shop, we welcome customers from Victoria north to Port Hardy, including surrounding islands such as Gabriola and Salt Spring.

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Driveline Terms & Definitions

Constant-Velocity Joint

CV joints allow a driveshaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase in friction or play. Commonly used in front wheel drive vehicles and in some modern rear wheel drive vehicles with independent rear suspension.

Half Rounds & Full Rounds

These terms are found when discussing yokes and universal joints. In half-rounds, the U-joint connects to its matching yoke using either a bearing strap kit or U-bolt, instead of being pressed into the yoke ears like on full rounds.

Center Support Bearing

The center support bearing is a rolling bearing element surrounded by rubber and mounted in a bracket configuration. Center support bearings are used to mount the support to an outside structure. Also known as: steady bearings, carrier bearings, and hanger bearings.

See the glossary page for more definitions of driveline-related terms.

Helpful Driveline Videos

For information on driveshaft repair, please visit our YouTube channel. We’re filling up our channel with how-to videos on topics including:

  • Accurately measuring your driveshaft
  • Changing a u-joint
  • Figuring out which series of U-joints you have
  • And much more!

Other Partnerships

More than just drivelines, WDL is also a proud supplier of the following product lines.