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Driveline Services

Western Driveline provides expert driveline repair, fabrication, and sales for nearly any application. Browse our services below, or get in touch if you’d like to discuss your driveline project.

  • Driveshaft repairs & rebuilds Nanaimo

    Driveline Repairing & Rebuilding

    Driveline wear-and-tear happens to every vehicle over time. If you can feel a power loss between your engine and your tires, vibrations underneath your vehicle, or difficulty making tight turns, it’s a good idea to have your driveline assessed.

    As Vancouver Island’s only full-service driveline specialty shop, we can help with everything related to your vehicle’s driveshaft and drivetrain components. From regular maintenance and service, complex repairs, complete driveline rebuilds, and even custom fabrication for hard to find or one-of-a-kind projects.

    If you’re a DIY’er, we also offer driveline part sales for a huge variety of individual driveline components.

    We provide service on a first-come, first-serve basis. But if you need to get back on the road ASAP, we also offer priority service for emergency repairs to help you minimize downtime (additional fees apply).

    Regardless of the complexity of your vehicle’s driveline, we can assess and complete any necessary repairs to get you back up and running. From cars to trucks, heavy-duty vehicles to everyday drivers, we have your driveline needs covered!

    Tip: You can avoid unexpected breakdowns with regular driveline maintenance. Bring your vehicle in for a preemptive driveline assessment to ensure repairs and replacement occurs on your schedule, and not after needing a tow.

  • Driveshaft custom fabrication Nanaimo

    Custom Driveline Fabrication

    From racing cars to 4×4 off-roaders, snowplows to hotrods, if you need a unique part or complete one-of-a-kind driveline built to spec, we’re the shop for you.

    Located in Nanaimo, all of our custom drivelines are fabricated by Jarrod Gould in our family-owned-and-operated shop. Depending on your application we offer both aluminum and steel driveshaft components, and specialize in sourcing those hard-to-find driveline parts. We’re proud of our 5-star reviews on Google, and do our best to take care of all of our customers with fair pricing and friendly service.

    So if you’re having a hard time finding what you need at an auto parts store, or if you need something custom built to your exact specifications, give us a call at 250-740-0328. We’re enjoy working on unique and demanding applications, and appreciate the opportunity to build a driveline specifically for you.

    Rear-wheel, front-wheel, or 4-wheel drive – if it helps to get the power from the engine to the wheels, we can build it custom!

    Warranty: All custom fabrication work is warrantied by Western Driveline for one (1) year, as long as the issue was caused under normal driving conditions. We reserve the right to deny warranty claims due to extreme or impetuous driving. Please inquire for complete details.

  • Driveshaft balancing Nanaimo

    Driveshaft Balancing

    A properly balanced driveshaft is key to a smooth driving experience – and to preventing premature breakages and failures on your driveline and other parts of your vehicle.

    To make sure a driveshaft is properly balanced, you need specialist machinery and the expertise to operate it. All of our balancing work is done on top-of-the-line Hines Industries equipment by experienced technicians.

    If you experience shuddering when you step on the gas, or hear a loud noise while changing gears, there may be an issue that can be fixed with a proper driveshaft inspection and balancing. We will provide an honest and clear assessment, checking for cracks, damage, or wear, and provide you with the best next-steps for your driveshaft.

    From low-speed industrial driveshafts to high-RPM automotive shafts, our shop provides driveshaft balancing for nearly any application.

  • Driveshaft emergency service Nanaimo

    Emergency Driveline Repair Service

    If you've experienced a driveline breakdown and need to get back on the road fast, our emergency driveline repair services can help you get priority placement in our queue.

    Western Driveline does not offer roadside service or after-hours service. Our emergency service option allows you to agree to pay a premium rate in exchange for jumping ahead of other customers.

    Downtime can be costly and cause stress during commercial deliveries, agricultural jobs, and when trying to get home safely to your family. We know how frustrating a breakdown can be, and we will do our best to get your vehicle back on the road ASAP.

    Give us a call at 250-740-0328 for an upfront and honest estimate on the time and cost it takes to get you up and running again.

    When it’s time to tow your vehicle to our shop, you’ll find us conveniently located in between both the Trans-Canada Highway (HWY #1) and the Nanaimo Parkway (HWY #19) at #2-221 Southside Drive in south Nanaimo.

    And whether you decide to pay the premium rate for emergency driveline repairs or not, we always aim to complete your repairs in the timeliest manner possible.

  • Driveshaft part sales Nanaimo

    Driveline Part Sales

    Western Driveline is not a full-blown parts warehouse, but we do carry a large variety of NEAPCO and Spicer brand driveline components that are available for you to purchase.

    We carry stock on many common driveline parts in our shop for immediate sale, and with a short wait we can bring in nearly any part you might need to get your vehicle’s driveline back into shape.

    With over a decade of experience providing specialty driveline solutions, Western Driveline has the skills and expertise to source hard-to-find parts. And if you need something that’s just not available any longer, we’ll see if fabricating a custom driveline makes sense for your application.

    From driveshaft assemblies, flanges, yokes, and universal joints, we can help find the parts you need and get you back on the road.

    Read More About Our Driveline Part Sales

Services We Do NOT Perform

We do a lot here at Western Driveline – but not everything. Here are some* things that we cannot help with.

  • Transaxle service or replacement

  • Differential service or replacement

  • Transmission service or replacement

  • Flywheel grinding

  • Roadside emergency repairs

*This isn’t an exhaustive list; please contact us if you’re uncertain we can help with your driveline project.