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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about Western Driveline’s services and more.

  • What is a driveshaft?

    A driveshaft is the section that connects your vehicle’s transmission to its rear differential; it’s responsible for propelling your vehicle forwards or backwards. On 4×4 trucks, there are two driveshafts; the second one connects from a transfer case to the front differential, which allows the vehicle power all four wheels.

    For a more simplified explanation, think of your driveshaft as a long tube that connects your vehicle’s transmission to the rear wheels to make it go forwards and backwards (though there’s a lot more to it than that!).

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  • Do all vehicles have a driveshaft?

    The majority of modern vehicles have a driveshaft, but not all. Some vehicles have a transaxle (Mitsubishi is one example). A transaxle is like a mini driveshaft that connects the engine/transmission to each wheel (and we don’t repair or replace transaxles).

  • What sizes of driveshafts can you balance?

    We are able to balance driveshafts from power take-off (PTO) sizes up to the commercial-duty SPL250 driveshafts.

  • Do you offer emergency service?

    Yes. Our emergency service allows you to pay a premium rate in order to jump our current queue of customers so you get your job done ASAP.

    However, we do not provide after-hours or roadside service.

  • What brand of driveline components do you stock?

    We are proud to be one of the only local NEAPCO suppliers. We’ve had a long-standing relationship with NEAPCO, and stand by the quality and price of their products. NEAPCO offers multiple lines of products for different applications. Established in 1921, NEAPCO designs, manufactures, and distributes OEM driveline products for automotive and non-automotive applications worldwide.

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  • Do you work on PTO shafts?

    Yes, we are happy to help with any of your power take-off shaft application needs.

  • Do you provide custom driveshaft fabrication?

    Absolutely. When you need to recreate a hard-to-find driveshaft or have a custom specification you need built, Western Driveline can fabricate it for you in our Nanaimo shop.

  • What applications can you work with?

    As a speciality driveline shop, we’re able to work with nearly any driveline application, from light-duty to heavy/commercial-duty.

  • Do you work on transmissions or differentials?

    No, we do not service or replace transmissions, differentials, nor do we provide flywheel grinding. Check the bottom of our main Services page for a list of work we cannot help with.

  • Do you warranty your custom driveline work?

    Yes. All custom fabrication work is warrantied by Western Driveline for one (1) year, as long as the issue was caused under normal driving conditions. We reserve the right to deny warranty claims due to extreme or impetuous driving. All warranty decisions are at the sole discretion of Western Driveline.

  • How do I measure a driveshaft for proper running length?

    One-Piece Driveshaft
    First, you have to have your car at ride height (like it is ready to drive down the road). Then you will bottom out your transmission slip yoke by pushing it into the transmission until it won't move any further. At that point, pull the yoke out 1-inch for suspension travel. Finally, measure from centre of the U-joint at the slip yoke to the centre of the U-joint in the rear.

    Two-Piece Driveshaft
    Follow the same instructions above, but then measure from the centre of the U-joint at the slip yoke to the centre of the bolt hole for the center support bearing (aka steady bearing). Then, measure from the same centre of the bolt hole at the center support bearing to the centre of the U-joint in the rear.

  • Do I have to make an appointment?

    No, we generally run on a first-come first-serve basis.

    However, we also offer same-day service on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In this case you do have to call ahead to book the next available spot. We require booked appointments to arrive no later than 9am on the schedule day, and we will complete the work before the end of the work day.

  • Do you offer same-day service?

    We offer scheduled same-day service on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To schedule same-day service, you must call ahead to book the next available spot.

    On the day of your appointment, you must arrive no later than 9am so we can complete the work before the end of the work day.

  • Do you have driveline parts for sale, or are you a service-only shop?

    We stock a large variety of driveline parts for direct sale, without requiring service from us. Please note that we’re not a parts warehouse, and might need to order your part in. Call us at 250.740.0328 to confirm we have what you need in stock.

    Learn more about our driveline part sales here.

  • How do I know what driveline series of U-joint I have?

    To determine the correct series of universal joint you have, measure the cap diameter and the distance from cap to cap and give us a call at 250.740.0328.

  • How long does a driveline last?

    The lifespan of a driveline varies based on driving habits and towing weight. On average, with normal wear and tear, a driveline can last up to 120,000km (~75,000 miles). Factors that can lead to driveline failure include improper maintenance, lack of lubrication, excessive torque, inappropriate operating angles, damaged yoke, and incorrect installation of components not in line with vehicle specifications.

    Driveline failure can also occur from shock loads, such as high RPM clutch popping, tire grabbing on slippery surfaces, driving into an immovable object, or suddenly attempting to pull a heavy load.

Need a hand with driveline jargon?

We’ve put together a handy glossary to help you understand the various driveline-related terms that come up in our line of work. Check it out!

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