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Driveline Parts for Sale

Western Driveline is proud to offer NEAPCO driveline components as our house brand. NEAPCO celebrated their 100th year in service in 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: Western Driveline is not a parts warehouse. However we do have a large stock of common driveline parts on hand for sale at very competitive prices. For less common applications, if you can handle a short wait (max. 2 weeks), we can get our hands on nearly anything.

9 Reasons to Order Driveline Parts from WDL

  1. We’re not a parts store, but we carry a wide variety of driveshaft parts – and usually at much better prices thanks to our low overhead
  2. We carry parts that no other big box parts store carries, such as conversion joints, stub shafts, slip yokes, and much more (see below)
  3. If we don’t have your part in stock, we can easily order it for you
  4. Depending on the part and location we find it, we could receive it as quickly as the next day (the longest wait so far was just over 2 weeks for a custom part that was manufactured upon ordering)
  5. We do not typically require a deposit on special-order parts
  6. We always do our best to inform you of the ordering/shipping timeframe to make sure it works for you
  7. We have been able to find very uncommon driveshaft parts for many customers, such as specific Toyota and Dodge parts, and in some cases a full shaft replacement
  8. Many of the replacement parts we bring in are fully serviceable upgrades compared to the replacement-only factory original (OEM) parts
  9. We’re local, family-run, and pride ourselves on outstanding customer care

Driveline Products for Sale

  • Aluminum Driveshaft Assemblies

    AKA: Aluminum propshafts

    We carry aluminum driveshaft assemblies for the 1350 series through 1480 series of drivelines.

  • Center Support Bearing Assemblies

    AKA: Steady bearings, carrier bearings

    We carry a wide variety of driveshaft center support bearings assemblies, from automotive/light-duty to heavy-duty applications.

  • Companion Flanges

    We are able to bring in large and standard-size companion flanges for power take-off (PTO) drives.

  • Double Cardan Assemblies & Components

    AKA: Constant velocity (CV)

    We carry full replacement double Cardans, from 1310 to 1410 series. We also carry double Cardan constant velocity (CV) ball-seat repair kits and seals.

  • End Yokes

    We carry a variety of end yokes that cover the full range of power take-off (PTO) and automotive/light-duty to heavy-duty driveshaft applications.

  • Flange Yokes

    We carry all types of flange yokes, including outside lock-up, inside lock-up, bearing plate, and constant-velocity (CV) applications.

  • Hardware & Small Parts

    We stock a large variety of small driveline parts, including bolts, washers, snap rings, seals, grease fittings, u-bolt kits and more.

  • PTO Propshafts & Assemblies

    We carry some replacement power take-off (PTO) propshafts, and yoke/joint assemblies, along with the parts for repairing used PTO shafts.

  • Slip Yokes

    We carry a variety of slip yokes for driveshafts and PTOs, including transmission slip yokes, splined slip yokes, and non-splined slip yokes.

  • Stub Shafts

    We carry a variety of stub shafts, including driveshaft-style stub shafts, midship-style, PTO-style, flanged-style, and others.

  • Tube Yokes

    AKA: Weld yokes

    We carry a variety of weld yokes covering driveshaft, PTO, and wing bearing applications, from light-duty to heavy-duty.

  • Universal Joints

    AKA: U- joint, Cardan joint, Spicer joint, Hardy Spicer joint, Hooke’s joint

    We stock a large selection of universal joints for automotive, industrial, and agricultural applications, for driveline series ranging from 1000 series up to SPL 250.

  • Yoke Shafts

    We carry a variety of yoke shafts that cover all applications, from automotive/light-duty through heavy-duty/commercial use.

Proudly Stocking NEAPCO

Western Driveline stocks NEAPCO-brand products as our house brand. NEAPCO, established in 1921, designs, manufactures, and distributes OEM driveline products for automotive and non-automotive applications throughout the globe.

We have had a long and successful relationship with NEAPCO, and are proud to be one of the only local dealers of their driveline products.

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